Akdeniz Technology aims to become a company that adds value to its customers and employees, acts with a sense of social responsibility and respects the values of the country with a focus on building a brand through quality and customer oriented service. It also plans to convey its knowledge and experiences to its employees through specially designed training programs to provide error-free services.


Akdeniz Technology has the basic philosophy of providing every human being with their basic right of living in a secure environment. For this purpose, it adopts a high quality service conception with an attitude of valuing human-beings. Thus, it grows in a balanced and consistent way by committing to the changes,forming new alliances and employing the experience and knowledge gained through the years. The company ensures running of an innovative and efficient human resources, focusing on keeping a high level of employee satisfaction. Akdeniz Technology is committed to the ethical values with conscious of social responsibility, and contributes to social and economic development of society.