Akdeniz Technology, is a manufacturing trade branch of Akdeniz Enterprise Holding, a rapid growth primarily electronic security industry in building management system in 2012. It has become numbered company with the preference of disciplined, honest, principled, elite and educated personnel selection and the quality service in the industry. The company currently serves in many provinces by establishing offices in Erzurum, Eskisehir, Ankara and Antalya.

Akdeniz Security Service was opened to the public in 2012, has %51 shareholder of Akdeniz Technology. Akdeniz Technology is informed investors about its taken work activities by providing KAP notifications in Borsa İstanbul.

Our company offers optimum solutions in vertical markets as well as, public institutions and organizations, city surveillance, workplace, housing, warehouses, factories, hospitals, training centers, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, historic buildings, shopping centers, sports and leisure centers by closely followed all the technological developments in the sector.

Akdeniz Technology personnel are selected based on a reference system and they are employed to work in their respective areas after having gone through a complete, and exclusive training provided by the company.

Akdeniz Technology began to serve quality service to the international arena by moving abroad with IP CCTV Surveillance Systems, Electronic Security and Low Current Systems, Urban Safety Management Systems, Information Technology and Network Solutions, Defense Industry and Security Software sectors.

Our vision is to be a competitive reputable organization on an international level at Technology-oriented, strategic projects engaged in the sale, thanks to the expert staff in providing, commissioning and programming jobs, service, superior and competent consulting engineering services.

“ For safe and comfortable world we are always with you …”